Samuel Oram

Samuel is a part-time Doctoral Researcher with the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire where he is supervised by Dr Adam Whittaker, Dr Luan Shaw and Dr Carrie Churnside. Samuel's work focuses on the interplays and potential outcomes of different approaches to vocal pedagogy within a Conservatoire environment and how these varied and differing approaches might affect professional attainment. This research will see Samuel working with the major music colleges around the UK by observing and interviewing important singing teachers in the field to understand best practise models of learning and to learn then how they might be affecting students moving into the profession. 


Within his research Samuel explores tacit teaching and learning practises, the master apprentice dyad and tensions between teacher and student; Samuel's areas of expertise are: Vocal Pedagogy and it's history, 1-1 Teaching and Learning, and Vocal and Operatic Performance Practise. 

Samuel's work as a respected singer and singing teacher in the UK has allowed him to work with high-achieving professional singers internationally all who have a sense of identity in their work and an informed self-efficacy along with the technical prowess needed to work in an emotionally and physically draining professional environment. Through his combined performer-teacher position, Samuel gradually came to ask the question: how do singers gain the skills necessary to thrive in a personally compromising environment and how are such skills fostered? Samuel plans to answer this question for the betterment of the next generation of singers. 

Information on publications and lectures will be published here along with any important announcements.